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In 2015 HEIN LEHMANN INDIA was established as a subsidiary and production company to expand our Asia activities from India - Chennai.

The story of HEIN, LEHMANN dates back to 1878, when the merchant Max Hein and engineer Anton Lehmann jointly founded a corrugated iron factory in the northern Berlin district of Reinickendorf. Corrugated iron was followed by steel and bridge construction – and the company of the two Berliners made a name for itself, among other things, with the Hohenzollern Bridge in Cologne, the airship hangar in Düsseldorf, the radio tower in Berlin and Düsseldorf's Rhine bridges. After acquiring the operations of Louis Herrmann in 1947, the company turned its attention to industrial screens and wire conveyor belts.

Many things may have changed more than 70 years later, but our quality standards at HEIN, LEHMANN have remained the same throughout our history.

Today, HEIN, LEHMANN, headquartered in Germany, manufactures machines and components for processing and process technology.


Our world-class screening, separating and conveying technology is used in almost all industries – for example, in the traditional field of the stone and earth industry, in the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as in the automotive and plastics industries.

Our products set standards – all over the world.

HEIN, LEHMANN has been combining experience with future technologies for more than one hundred years. We rely on custom products, high manufacturing competence, continuous quality controls, reliable after-sales service, individual, personal and partnership support as well as optimal supply of our customers through our worldwide presence.

We at HEIN, LEHMANN, and everywhere in hl.group, always act based on clear ethical principles:

Fairness, trust and humanity form the guidelines for our global operations.

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