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The right screen for every application: Our RIMA®/CORIMA wedge wire screens are universally applicable. Materials from chromium steel to titanium, a version with slot widths of 0.045-10 mm and more, as well as all imaginable geometrical shapes through 16 profile shapes combined with seven cross bars – our wedge wire screens  can be individually adapted for every application.

RIMA®/CORIMA wedge wire screens are manufactured from triangular screen profiles that are welded or screwed together with support profiles at a very precise distance from each other.

Thanks to the resulting conical shapes that open downwards, they work almost without any clogging. All available profile shapes – regardless of whether they are looped or welded – have an optimal open screen surface due to their slim geometry and small head width. Due to their large profile height, our wedge wire screens have a long service life.

    RIMA®/CORIMA wedge wire screens by HEIN, LEHMANN are used in almost every single branch of industry. Our employees are able to realize synergies and develop highly effective solutions, such as for

    • food industry
    • brewery and beverage technology
    • waste water and process water treatment
    • chemical industry
    • sugar industry
    • water and environmental protection
    • stone and earth industry
    • general mechanical engineering

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